First post!

Those who know me well know I despise writing. In graduate school I would much rather have lead a group discussion on a single topic for an hour than have to write a one page essay. It was actually one big roadblock to me going back for a D.M.A. The idea of writing a dozens of pages and having to go back and revise them again and again to complete a dissertation. No thank you. It's not that I don't enjoy learning or sharing ideas. Quite the opposite in fact. I love discussing music and art in the classroom and chatting about fitness trends or the newest trail shoes over a couple of beers. I just really dislike writing about it. I become easily distracted and look for any reason to put it off or just skip it altogether. This blog is my attempt to work through some of my own issues related to writing. 

I'm sure many blogs start out this way. A simple exercise in writing with some vague ideas about improving oneself. Hopefully this works out for me. So I ask that you be patient and stay with me as I attempt to improve my writing and share some ideas about the world as I see it.

Some topics you'll see will be concert reviews, race/hiking reports, gear reviews for fitness as well as music, and hopefully lots of pictures of my dog Egor. Here's the first one. It's a picture of my handsome pup and his current favorite toy. A dragon we named Draco.